ET - The Extra Terrestrial


They say this is supposed to be great family entertainment? Who do they think they are kidding? For a start, you have this clearly demoniac creature who is supposed to be an alien from outer space who goes around with this finger of his that looks like some kind of phallic symbol with a glowing red knob! Disgusting! Filthy! This type of pornography should not be given a PG rating ever!


What’s worse is that ET is supposed to be an adult space traveller, so what the hell is he doing hanging out in the closet of a little ten-year-old boy? How perverse is that? Stephen Speilbuggery, the director of this movie, is clearly a pervert and even maybe a closet paedophile.  I’m OUTRAGED that this sort of filth should be at our cinemas. It should be in some little dark dingy cinema down a dark alley with spirals circling around and round on the screen.


Then you have that awful Drew Barrywhore playing one of the lead characters. This awful drug addict is in no way an appropriate person to be in a movie that our young children are going to be watching. We do not want our children idolising a person of such low moral standards. Not at all! I don’t care if she was only 5 years old at the time she did the movie and I don’t care if she’s cleaned up her act since she was a teenager! The only people who should be getting starring roles like this should be god-fearing church-going Christians! Then again, no self-respecting Christian would be part of such filth and depravity!


My main complaint about this movie is the demoniac character known as ET. Oh yes, he was clearly a demon as God made this universe especially for us humans!  So if there is any being coming from the heavens that looks like this monstrosity it can only be a demon! Beware my fellow Christians! Do not allow Satan to trick you or your kids into watching this movie! It actually makes the demon look like something sweet and innocent. We cannot allow people to believe that fantastic nonsense. Demons are EVIL!  Let’s get real here. This was no alien. This was a spawn of Satan himself!


Rating = 1 star 


Reviewer: Aunty Lil


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