I was horrified to learn that there was yet another popular family movie that contained a demon as the main character!  It’s so sad that our perverse movie industry did not learn their lessons when they did that piece of kiddy porn “ET: The Extra Terrestrial” with its demoniac main character. Now we have an OGRE… a violent demoniac creature in yet another so-called family movie, dressed up to look harmless and funny.


Well I say there’s nothing funny about this movie at all! I do not find demoniac creatures like Shrek amusing. Nor do I take seriously any story that has a talking donkey in it!  I’m serious! A TALKING donkey, yes! What kind of a ridiculous work of fiction contains a talking donkey? Any story that would contain such a thing should be tossed into the garbage and never be taken seriously. My advice to you, is to forget this movie and go read something worthwhile, like the good book, the Bible. The word of God would never contain anything as ludicrous as that!


Not only do we have a demoniac character as the main so-called hero in this story… not only do we have a talking donkey (ridiculous) as a supporting character. We also have other characters from children’s literature and film making appearances. Like that awful lying piece of garbage, Pinocchio. A liar like him should not be part of any family entertainment as we do not want our precious youngsters mimicking such behaviour.  


Oh and don’t get me started on the villain of the story, Lord Fuckuaad! What a highly inappropriate name! Do they really think they can get away with such filth by disguising the name to make it sound a little less offensive? I don’t think so! We all know what the writers of this movie were thinking about the majority of the time when they were writing the script. Sex! Filthy sex!  We don’t want our children thinking about that when they’re watching movies. Any good parent wouldn’t want them thinking about that until they’re well into their 30s and have a wedding ring around their finger! Only THEN should it ever be for making babies, just as the good lord intended, nothing more!  You wouldn’t see a good Christian woman like me having sex with my repulsive husband unless it was to make babies and one of those was quite enough for me! Never again!


Avoid this fictional nonsense at all costs. Stick to the bible instead!


Rating = 1 star


Reviewer = Aunty Lil




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    Hank (Sunday, 30 April 2017 21:44)

    You are such a silly old cow. Don't you know that the bible has a talking donkey in it? Numbers 22

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    Aunty Lil (Sunday, 30 April 2017 21:49)

    How DARE you lie about the bible! It's just a figurative talking donkey, that's all! Figurative! Clearly it must be because you can't have talking donkeys. The bible cannot be wrong! :p