Warning Contains spoilers.


I was appalled at this movie. Completely appalled. Just the methods that the so-called hero, John Turntrix, employed to rescue his kidnapped daughter, Jenny.  Anyone who would go to such lengths ought to be shot! YES shot! 


How despicable that Turntrix would lie to Sully telling him he was going to kill him last when he had full intentions of making him one of the first to be killed? All Turntrix had to do was tell Sully that he was going to be after him shortly, that he was going to dangle him over a cliff and then drop him to his death. There was no need to lie about it.   No need whatsoever!


There was also no need to smash up a motel room.  When Turntrix battled green beret, Cook, they demolished the motel room before Turntrix finally killed him. Once again, he lied when he said “I eat green berets for breakfast” because he didn’t eat Cook at all. And then not only did he lie, but he stole Cooks car! Yes, theft!  His contemptible excuse on stealing Cook’s car was “He won’t be needing it.”


Speaking of theft, I’m not even going to get into how Turntrix robbed an army surplus store to get all his weapons he needed! And let’s not talk about the wanton destruction of a police vehicle! Nor the theft of the sea plane!


What appalls me most of all about this movie was why go to all that trouble to rescue that little delinquent Jenny anyway? Any fan of Boy George is a lost cause if you ask me. If my son Tucker admitted to being a fan of Boy George, I’d disown him! I certainly wouldn’t bother risking my life to rescue him from terrorists!


Yes, John Turntrix went to a lot of extreme methods to save his daughter. I just don’t see why he couldn’t have slaughtered all those terrorists without all the lying, stealing and vandalism.  These three things… and the swearing… just ruined the entire movie for me. There was just no need for that excessive depravity.


One thing's for sure, I'LL certainly not BE BACK for any sequels if they ever get around to doing them. 


Stars = 1 


Reviewer = Aunty Lil





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