This Crazy world we live in


I don't really think the world is in a mess really. That's simply a religious fantasy... fantasy being the theme word for this website.


In reality, I think it's a great world we live in, especially in my neck of the woods. But some things are truly ridiculous and the things we humans do and think can be quite absurd too. So this part of the website is a special place for humorous observations about things in this world. 


These commentaries have all been published in UBBA Magazine, this website's online comedy magazine, but I felt they deserved a special place of their own on the website. 


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A Trip to the Service Station

Automated telephone answering systems 

Lazy Video Gamers

The Many Days of Xmas

Snakes & Ladders at the Olympic Games

Queen's Honours


Check back every few months for more. 


Added Jan 2018:

A Rant against radio stations


Added Mar 2018

School Prize givings - Celebrating mediocrity and failure

Television vs Reading


Added May 2018

Take your Ts & Cs...


Added Jul 2018

Ban Politicians from Government!


Added Sept 2018

New Reality shows that should be made