My recent favourites



What a great concept. A show in real time. How the hell does Jack Bauer manage to go through an entire 24 hours of life threatening situations and physical trauma and not lose his mind? Ok, he did suffer psychologically because of it after a few seasons, but still, he was amazing. I just loved the twists and turns on this show and trying to guess who’s gonna turn bad and which bad guys are gonna turn out to be good.


By the way, Jack turns up to help out in one of my novelettes "The second great prison break"








Wow, what a great show and a New Zealand actor in the main role too. Has you cheering him on just about every episode as he deals with some scum bag.

Breaking Bad


A unique show where the villains are the main stars, but they are villains that you can cheer for. They are manufacturing P, but you like them anyway. I love the way the terminally ill hero starts out with good intentions, just to ensure that his family are supported financially when he dies, but gradually he gets in deeper and deeper. There is no glorifying of it and it’s a great warning to those who are considering going that way themselves.




Probably one of the greatest shows ever made. So much shock value and a unique concept. A serial killer who you can actually cheer for! Makes you wish there really were guys like Dexter around.


Sons of Anarchy


We seem to have more and more shows where the criminals are the heroes of the show. Watched the first 6 seasons one after the other in a space of few weeks to catch up. Had me hooked all the way through. Jumped the shark though with season 6 I felt.









What a fantastic show. Makes Game of Thrones look tame. It's also filmed in New Zealand with lots of New Zealand actresses and actors.