The Sound of Music


Finally! Some truly wholesome family entertainment…


Or so I thought. Until I found out it was all about a nun called Mooria, a truly terrible and immoral woman who refused to obey God’s rules and lived a life of debauchery instead. I felt sorry for those other poor nuns who were just unable to “solve a problem like Mooria” so had to send her away.  They knew that she would only drag down all the other good nuns to Hell with her!


However, what I simply can’t believe, is that they allowed this clearly immoral woman to take up a job as a nanny for the Von Crapps; a bunch of self-absorbed toffee-nosed brats! What sort of role model is that to have in charge of your snot-nosed delinquents? Hardly a worthy one, I can assure you of that! I guess we should be glad they didn’t send a PREIST to be nanny, although I’m not sure how much worse that would have been.


So, what does this rebellious, apostate do first with these kids? Well she certainly doesn’t teach them any good morals, I can tell you that! I mean she’s a catholic nun, so what would you expect? One thing I wouldn’t expect though is for her to teach those children the devil’s music. YES! The devil’s music! Sure, sure, I know it wasn’t rock n roll, but unless it’s a good old-fashioned hymn about the blood of Jesus and how he was brutally slaughtered for you to appease the wrath of an angry god so that you don’t have to be barbecued alive, then it’s the devil’s music. As simple as that!


Not only is this music an abomination to God, the songs she teaches them are some of the most irritating songs your ears could ever have the misfortune to hear. Earworms of the worst possible kind. “Doe a deer, a female deer”? I say they shoot that jolly deer so we don’t have to hear about it at all!  “These are a few of my favourite things”? HUH! Well the Sound of Music DVD will never be on anyone’s list of favourite things I can tell you that much!  


The hills are alive with atrocious noise is what they are! 


And what the hell is Penny from “Lost in Space” doing as one of the Von Crapp, children?

Isn’t she supposed to be marooned on a planet somewhere with rest of the Robinson family? 



Someone needs to get their act together. The last thing I want is to review “Lost in Space” and find Dr Smith and Penny singing “Sixteen going on Seventeen”. EEEWWWGHHHH!


Sigh! Well after watching this pile of dross, it’s a definite, so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, GOOD RIDDANCE to the Sound of Music. I will never sit through this again and I advise you not to either. 


Rating = 1 star   


Reviewer = Aunty Lil



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