The Immorality of an innocent man paying the price for your crimes

Imagine if you will, there is a man. He is a child rapist, torturer and murderer. This man is put on trial and found guilty without a shadow of a doubt and then sentenced to say death by electric chair.  But then an innocent man steps up and says “Hey, I love this guy. I don’t want to see him die, so I’ll take his place and die on the electric chair on his behalf.”  Now say the judge allowed this and this innocent man went to the chair and was executed on behalf of the guilty guy. The guilty guy was then released back into the community with a slate wiped clean.


I wonder how many of us would be enraged by that. I’m guessing the majority of us. We’d be screaming out saying how dare they let an innocent man take the punishment for the crimes of that monster? How dare they let that scum bag free?


Imagine if instead of just one rapist/torturer/murder, there are a hundred of them and this innocent man requests to take the electric chair for all of them. It would be even more of an immoral unjust situation. 100 pedophiles released back into society and ONE man paying the price. Imagine if it was a thousand of them. Or maybe a million of them? How about a billion child rapist/torturer/murders being released back into society while one man pays the price for their crimes? What a horrible horrible unjust atrocity that would be. Imagine the outcry!


I’m betting even Christians would be horrified by this, but yet each and every one of them rejoices on a regular basis for the fact that an innocent man died for THEIR atrocities.  In fact the sins for every single human being on this planet, including billions that have died and perhaps billions to come.  They say it’s good news. They say it’s wonderful, but yet how can any Christian with any integrity be happy about this?


An INNOCENT man died the horrible death that YOU should have suffered. It makes no difference whether he volunteered to take your punishment for you. If you had any shred of decency and integrity… if you had any morals you would refuse to accept that. You should be standing your ground and admitting that you are guilty of your crimes and you should have to pay for those crimes yourself. How moral is it to accept the ruthless slaughter of a human being, offered up as a human sacrifice to your God when it should be YOU paying that price?


Good news? Are you kidding? Billions and billions of evil people being let into Heaven all at the expense of a single innocent being? That is not good news. It is horrific and immoral. Everyone should be taking responsibility for their own actions and should not be rejoicing that an innocent man paid the price for their atrocities. 

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