Chick Tracts Spoofs

Chick Tracts were something I saw a lot of in the 80s especially and I used to keep a collection of them. I loved them and thought they were really inspiring. It's amazing how you view things when you're in a Christian bubble wearing those Christian glasses.


Now that I am no longer a Christian my eyes have been opened and I now see them for the hateful, bigotted and illogical little stories they are. They are full of plot holes and Christian fantasies. They are full of bigotry towards Catholics, gays, witches and almost any minority group you can think of. They are one man's opinions, masquerading as biblical lessons.


In this section I have created some spoofs of some of these tracts which you can find the originals of on Chick's website. Check out the links to the left or click on the tract you wish to see the parody of.

I have plenty more of these too that I can add if anyone wants to read more of them.