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P = Passing the buck

R = Religious Ritual

A = Asking for advantages over fellow human beings

Y = Yearning for fantasies to be fulfilled

E = Expecting God to violate the freewill of others

R = Remaining inactive while believing you're doing something positive


Religion is like a vacuum cleaner company 

• Their sales people go door to door trying to sell you a product. 
• They promote the great things about the product. It has all the latest gadgets and lots of cool features 
• They tell you that no other vacuum cleaner is as good as theirs. It will suck out all the dirt from your life and make everything clean! 
• They insist that every other vacuum cleaner on the market is appallingly bad and you are/would be a fool to buy it. 
• The vacuum cleaner turns out to be much the same as all those other vacuum cleaners.


Were you really born again?


The question itself is extremely flawed. It is hugely presumptuous. You might as well be asking me “were you right about Santa’s Elves helping him build all those toys?” It is a presumptuous question, because I first have to believe that Santa and Elves exist. I also have to believe there is a workshop where Santa is illegally manufacturing copies of brand name toys for millions of boys and girls all over the world. Only then can I answer the question of whether I was wrong about the elves being involved.

The same goes for the Born Again question. First I have to believe that God exists and Jesus lives. I also have to believe that being Born Again is a legitimate concept and not just a religious fantasy. Then I have to believe that being born again is necessary to please God. Seeing as I no longer believe any of that, how can I answer the question?


Why would God trust Lucifer??


Many Christians believe that Lucifer was a guardian cherub (Ez 28:14), who was given the job to guard God’s throne. Guard God’s throne? Seriously? An omni-present, all-powerful being needs his throne guarded? Why would he even have a throne anyway, let alone need to defend it. Who is he defending it against? The only enemy the bible tells us God has is Lucifer himself as there is supposedly only one God. So he assigns the one guy he knows full well has designs on being the king himself to guard his throne. Helloooo… God…knock knock knock… is anybody home?








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    redo (Sunday, 18 January 2015 12:19)

    Being born again is a wonderful thing. If you had known me when I was a young man and if you could know me now, you would say I am a changed man. Born again by all rights, I'm a new man. The man I was is gone. I can't even imagine me doing some of the things I once did. Born again.

    God once wanted you to guard his throne, but you couldn't. There is a kingdom of God, and the throne represents the authority of the King and his will for his kingdom.

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    reckersworld (Sunday, 18 January 2015 14:22)

    Thanks for your comments redo.

    People from other religions also attribute their God for the positive changes in their lives and becoming a "new man". Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom before people are willing to make positive changes to their lives. Also a fresh outlook on life is often all one needs to make those changes. Believing you have a supernatural entity behind you must also provide a huge boost.