Hell - is it really just?

Christians often defend Hell by saying what would you do with evil people? Shouldn’t they be punished? Is it unfair and unjust to punish the guilty?


Most non-believers would agree that punishing the guilty is a good thing and should happen, but putting the whole thing of punishment being a corrective action aside, (which Hell isn’t) shouldn’t death be enough? Death without the reward of Heaven? Perhaps it could even be a slow painful death like Cancer. Or something else nasty like Ebola or AIDS. Or dying slowly from nasty wounds? Wouldn’t that type of death be enough?


But no, death is not enough. God is going to rip us from our graves and then put us to death once again, this time by a fiery blaze… or worse, according to many Christians is going to torture us for all eternity.


But that’s not all. We’re not just gonna be ripped from our graves and made to suffer another death, we’re gonna be put on trial first, but we’re gonna be already deemed guilty before hand with absolutely no hope of being found innocent. And then not only that, but we’re gonna have to suffer public humiliation as all the dirty deeds we’ve done are played for everyone to see. Then according to the bible somewhere amongst that we’re gonna fall to our knees and worship him (every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is lord), but by then it’s gonna be too late. God is going to order his angels (rather than doing the dirty work himself) to cast us into the lake of fire. (Matthew 13:40-42)


No, there’s nothing just about this scenario. This illustrates a very sadistic god. One who is without mercy. One who wants to make us suffer rather than just leaving us dead in the grave. People say but “hey, all you have to do is acknowledge Christ as your saviour and you can avoid Hell. Isn’t God lovely?”


Well no, seeing as Hell was created by God himself and it’s his will for us evil buggers to be cast in there. And anyway, considering the ones being saved are only in the minority, that doesn’t illustrate a loving and merciful God. I mean, if Hitler had decided to spare a hundred Jews and gays from the gas chambers would we be calling him merciful and loving? Hell no! So why would we say the same thing about a god who is only going to spare the minority?


Hell is it really just? Hell no!

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