You too can have the holy spirit in your church!

People often write into me saying, “Pastor Jake, you are such a wonderful Christian and you are truly on fire with the holy spirit. My church is so dead though. The holy spirit is just not moving as it should... well in the way I think it should anyway. It has become impotent. How can we have the holy spirit moving in our church services like you do?”


Well that is a very good question. Anyone who knows the holy spirit, knows that the holy spirit is incapable of acting unless we take certain steps to allow him to act. There are certain things that you can do in your church to ensure you give the holy spirit leeway. 


Of course, I direct these words to MALE pastors as it is against God’s law for a woman to lead men. Any church that would have a female pastor is not real Christianity and are angering God.


Have music playing in the background


This is a crucial thing that you need in your church otherwise it will be impossible for the holy spirit to move. This is most important to have when you are wrapping up your sermon and perhaps offering an altar call. You must have your band return to the stage and start playing gentle music. You must at least have a piano player. The music being played in the background will enhance the words you are saying and have more of an impact on the congregation. The music will stir their souls and the holy spirit will be able to start to work on them. 


It doesn’t matter what music you are playing, my brothers. Your band could be playing Stairway to Heaven, just as long as its soothing music that will enhance your words.

Appeal to emotion


When rounding up your sermon and offering that altar call, you need to do more than just a simple summary and an invitation. You need to ensure that you get to the hearts of your congregation. Definitely do not try to use logic or anything rational. Simply appeal to their emotions. Lay on the guilt trip or something similar. Do it in a soothing manner, but with emotion in your voice as if you really mean what you are saying. Without your ability to trigger the emotions of your congregation, the holy spirit cannot work and guide the people to work for you, or to put more money into that offering plate. 


Every church needs its Phil Collins leading the praise and worship
Every church needs its Phil Collins leading the praise and worship


Rock it!


You need a really decent band up there on the stage, not just someone playing a boring old organ. That band needs to have drums, electric guitars and basses. During the praise and worship, people need to feel like they’re in a rock concert.  


Once as a teenager, before I was chosen by God to be a pastor, I attended a church like this, which was full with people. There was a worship leader up on stage who looked exactly like Phil Collins and he even behaved like Phil Collins. Like it was HIS show! Well you need your Phil Collins too. Someone who can get the people into it,


For the holy spirit to work, people need to be up on their feet, not sitting down. They need to be singing at the top of their voices, pumping their fists, jumping up and down, really getting into the music. Your Phil Collins needs to get them doing this.


When new people come they’ll be amazed and think “Wow, the holy spirit really rocks in this church!”  People coming in late will also be blown away at the electricity and the excitement in the atmosphere. They too will say “Wow! The holy spirit hit me as soon as I walked through door!”  


Make no bones about it, my brothers and sisters. The holy spirit is a rock star so needs the correct stage to work on. It will also result in more tithes and offerings coming into your church! HALLELUJAH!


You too could have people laughing at you  thanks to the holy spirit
You too could have people laughing at you thanks to the holy spirit

Choose your thing


God works in mysterious ways and none more so in churches. Have you ever noticed how the holy spirit works differently in some churches than others? Some have speaking in tongues, some have the holy laughter, some have spiritual warfare and casting out of demons, some have slayings in the spirit. Some a mixture of things. 


What you need to decide is what do you want to permit in your church. The holy spirit needs to know this. He needs to know whether you’re ok with holy laughter or if you’re ok with speaking in tongues. You can then promote these things in your church as the moving of the holy spirit in your congregation! It’s up to you, my brothers, as the pastor to determine exactly what it is that will be deemed of God. Hallelujah! Have people practice these things. Have people lead the way with them and all the others will follow, praising God for the moving of the holy spirit in their church! Praise the lord!

Find out who the most gullible and messed up of your congregation are and exploit their gullibility
Find out who the most gullible and messed up of your congregation are and exploit their gullibility

Know your congregation


You need to know the people in your church. Know what their problems are on how wishy washy or useless they are as Christians. You need to know whether they struggle with illnesses, sins or mental afflictions. That way when you are up the front and giving words of wisdom from God, you’ll know exactly what to say. You’ll know who to target and who to speak to, thus wowing the congregation and having them believe that the holy spirit is working in you.


If your church is too big, then have your other leaders meet with you regularly, especially those who lead cell groups and have them let you know all the things that are going on with your people. Your congregation will be amazed at how the holy spirit has provided you with information they thought you didn’t know! They will say “Wow, the holy spirit really is using my pastor!”


If you don’t know enough about the people in your congregation then simply target the most obvious things. There will always be people there who are struggling with lust or some other sin of the flesh. There will always be someone with a bad back or who has a cold or is feeling sick. All you have to do is say “Someone in the back section there has a relative who is really in need of Jesus right now! I can just feel the holy spirit is telling me this!”  Of course there is going to be someone, right? If there isn’t you can always change the details slightly. Say that God has revealed something else or that you were wrong about what you thought he’d said. No matter what, they will just marvel and believe the holy spirit has given you this information. Hallelujah! Play the odds, my brothers. Play the odds and the holy spirit will move in your church. Praise the lord! 




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