Bad Company is a series of comic scripts produced by 2000AD Magazine from 1986 to 2000.  Written by Peter Milligan and illustrated by Bret Ewins, Jim McCarthy & Steve Dillon.


It is set in the future where a group of renegade soldiers fight a Vietnam style war against a psychotic race of aliens named the Krool. It follows the journey of raw recruit Danny Franks, from a naive soldier to a war hardened veteren. The Company is led by Kano, a Frankenstein like man who was forced to undergo horrible experiments and mutliation while a prisoner of the Krool.


This page is my tribute to this comic book series and contains character profiles on all the Bad Company members from the 1st and 2nd incarnations of the squad.  There is a 3rd incarnation (Down among the dead men), but it was only a short series and the characters were nowhere near as memorable as the ones mentioned here.  Hell one of them didn't even get a name!

Bad Company appeared in the following stories:


Bad Company (2000 AD progs 500-519, 1986-87)


Danny Franks is a raw recruit and has been thrown right into a war the humans can't possibly win. However he and his fellow soldiers are about to be rescued by a band of psychotic renegage troops led by the monstrous Kano: Bad Company


Follow Danny Franks as he makes a journey from naive soldier to war hardened veteren and to the final battle on Ararat, to save humanity from the Krool.


The Bewilderness (2000 AD progs 548-557, 1987-88)


Having bearly survived the war on Ararat against the Krool, Danny Franks, Mad Tommy Churchill and Mac are the only survivors and have been requested to reform Bad Company to track down a psychotic beast terrorising one of the ghetto planets. Could this psychotic beast really be Kano, the former leader of Bad Company whose body was never found?


To find this beast they must first recruit new members of Bad Company.


Young Men Marching (2000 AD Annual 1989, released 1988)


A one-off special about a war correspondent who meets Bad Company while they were on Ararat. Also we see how Danny Franks ended up being recruited to fight the Krool war.


The Krool Heart (2000 AD progs 576-585, 1988)


Danny Franks and Kano lead the new Bad Company to a new planet; the Krool Heart in an attempt to destroy the Krool once and for all.


Simply (2000 AD prog 601, 1988)


A one-off story, involving Danny Franks which took place while he was in Bad Company on Ararat. Danny meets a good Krool.


Ararat (2000 AD Annual 1990, released 1989)


Anyone know anything about this one-off special? I can't find any information on it and don't know if I've even read it. 


Kano (2000 AD progs 828-837, 1993)


It has been 10 years since the final battle on Ararat and now Kano is settled down with a wife and child on a "Good planet". However his now peaceful life is about to be shattered as monstrous mutants start attacking and killing villagers.


Kano vows to protect the village, but doesn't count on being joined by ghosts of his former unit Bad Company.


Down Among the Dead Men (2000 AD 2001, released 2000)


There is trouble at the Krool heart and it seems Danny Franks is no longer able to control the Krool as he used to. Kano vows to return there and destroy the heart, as well as Danny Franks and enlists new members of Bad Company to do it. 



If you want a more thorough run down and critique of each story, check out these links. The reviewer's cynical witt will give you plenty of laughs and although I don't share Orlock's negative opinions on the Bewilderness, Krool Heart and Kano stories, he pretty much nails it with the majority of his observations...


Bad Company 1

Bad Company 2

Bad Company 3



Bad Company - The original Nightmare Division

The key players of Bad Company

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Warning: Contains spoilers

Kano (the leader)                          Danny Franks (reluctant hero)

      Thrax                         Mad Tommy                  Malcolm                 

The rest of them

       Mac                       Wallbanger                   Shrike         

   Joe Scummer                   Stitches                 Dogbrain         

    Trucker                           Flytrap                        Gobber  


Bad Company 2 - The new members

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                Protoid                                Sheeva

               Rackman                        De Racine