Kano is the war hardened leader of Bad Company. His appearance is due to being the victim of sadistic Krool experimentation where his brain was opened up and half of it was replaced by a Krool.


He absolutley hates the Krool and his goal is to kill as many of them as possible, no matter what the cost.


He is a tactical genius and has super human strength, most likely as a result of the Krool experimentation whose goal seems to be to create ruthless killing machines.

Kano the family man


Kano was a family man before the Krool war. There is some conflicting information about his wife and son. In Bad Company-Kano it is revealed that his wife was named Hanny and son named Pan (a young boy). They were both killed in a motor vehicle accident before the war and conjured up as ghosts by the “Good planet” to make Kano happy.


In Bad Company-Down among the dead, Kano experiences a flashback brought on by a hallucination and his wife’s name is Miggy and his son is Daniel (a baby). They are both killed when their home is destroyed in a Krool attack.


Seeing as the 2nd was a hallucination it seems more likely that Hanny was his wife and Pan was his son.

Kano - leader of the 19th Division


Kano was the commander of the 19th division when he was taken prisoner by Krool and experimented upon. Due to one half of his brain being a Krool's he was able to break out of the prison compound he was being kept prisoner in.


Mad Tommy, a member of his division, who had not been captured by the Krool, nursed him back to health and provided Kano with a little black box containing half a brain, which he said was Kano's, however Tommy later revealed it was simply the brain of dead human he had found.

Kano - leader of Bad Company


Having the box and the brain helped Kano cope with the horrors he had gone through and helped him to focus his energies into hunting and killing Krool. He would never allow anyone to know what was in the box and even killed Joe Scummer because he had tried to open it.


Kano recruited members of his new division, a bunch of misfits and psychos to take the war to the Krool. Along the line he picked up Danny Franks and saw potential in the new "raw".

Kano - the Monster


The final battle on Ararat ended with the disappearance of Kano but he was not dead and still alive on a ghetto planet, flipping in and out of pyschotic states due to "Neuroflips".


When these neuroflips occurred, the Krool part of his brain would take control of his body and go berzerk, killing anything in sight. Meanwhile his consciousness would be in the body of the Krool who had the other half of his human brain.


Danny Franks, now in charge of Bad Company managed to track Kano down, bringing him back into Bad Company.



Kano the soldier once more


Danny Franks worked with Kano to help control the neuroflips and along with the remaining Bad Company they headed for the Krool Heart to finish off the Krool once and for all.


At the Krool heart Kano confronted his alta-ego, the Krool with half of his brain and killed it, thus ending the neuroflips.


After Danny Franks took control of the heart, Kano left the Krool Heart and settled on the "Good Planet".

Kano the Family man once more


When we next saw Kano it was 10 years after the battle or Ararat. He was married and had a young boy, living in a farming community doing meanial labour. When vicious mutants started attacking and killing members of the community, Kano had to take arms once again to protect them.


Ghosts of Bad Company arrived to aid him so that once again Bad Company were back together. The ghosts were Mad Tommy, Malcolm, Thrax, Stitches, Flytrap and Joe Scummer.


In the end he found out that his wife and child were also ghosts and that the planet had conjured them up to give Kano a good life. Many of the other residents of his community were also ghosts, there for people living there.


The Fate of Kano


Knowing that Danny Franks was losing control fo the Krool heart, Kano recruited a new band of soldiers to return to the Krool Heart to destroy it, however in the end he managed to talk Danny into leaving the heart. 


Kano however had to remain behind to enable Danny to escape.


It was not known exactly what became of Kano, but in his diary, Danny Franks wrote “He is suspended, caught in the space between moments, like an insect trapped in glass. Somewhere between life and death. He is fighting Krool as he always was. As he always will be."