Other things that made the 80s great

New Technology that changed our lives




Video recorders – the first time we got to watch new movies in our homes, rather than at the cinemas


Disposable cameras



Fax Machines


Laser tag 

                                       Video Games


Video games like Space Invaders and Pac Man started appearing everywhere. Then video games arcades cropped up everywhere. In the late 80s we were able to play these games in our own homes with gaming machines such as Nintendo and Sega Master System/Mega Drive. 



Sony Walkman – the 80s version of the IPOD.


Compact Discs


First Liposuction and artificial heart transplants




Mobile phones – the first commercially available ones





The first Internet service providers appeared



Microwave ovens became more affordable.




Personal Computers


Started to become available for anyone who could afford one.






Fads that made an impact on the 80s



Rubik's Cube


Everyone just had to own one of these in the early 80s and I was no exception. Although by the time I had enough money to buy one the fad was starting to die. 



Cabbage Patch Kids


These ugly dolls became the rage in the early 80s. You actually had to adopt them rather than just purchase them.




Simon Says game


I worked out how to beat this game every time. Just write down the colours as they are played and there you have your own sheet music. 















This was so popular in the early 80s that for a period of about one year we had kids at my school doing breakdancing in the school hallways. Then one day they just stopped doing it. 


Calculator Games


Casio in particular brought out these highly addictive calculator games like Number Invaders and 8 Attack, which everyone was trying to sneak into Maths class to play instead of doing actual maths. 


Once more advanced handheld games came along, these started to become less popular.


Big Hair and mullets


Those horrible hair styles that everyone is embarrassed about now. 


Major events which everyone took note of



Live Aid

Berlin Wall pulled down

Legalisation of homosexuality

Corporal punishment abolished in schools

Prince Charles married Lady Di  

MTV was born



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