The ten things I’ve learnt about American families from watching sitcoms


Over the years I have watched a lot of American sitcoms about American families. Shows like “Family Ties”, “Married with children”, “Happy Days”, “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”… oh and don’t forget that show about that guy who drugs women so that he can have his way with them... on second thoughts, let’s not think about that particular show.


These are the things I have learnt about American families thanks to watching their sitcoms:


1.  There is always at least one child who is super intelligent and smarter than their parents.

The super smart kid
The super smart kid
The super dumb kid
The super dumb kid

2.  There is often one super dumb kid in the family. If there isn’t, then the super dumb kid lives next door or is dating one of family’s kids.





3. All daughters end up being cheerleaders at high school, no matter how unattractive they are.



4.  There is always one super cute kid who ceases to be super cute after a few years, so a cuter kid gets brought into the family to make up for it.




5. It isn’t just enough for a kid to do his best at school. There is something wrong if he doesn’t get A’s in everything.


6. It’s ok to start dating when you’re 11 years old.


7. Teenagers always do the right thing by their parents in the end. 

In the Cosby show we were expected to buy that Heathcliff was Russell's son!
In the Cosby show we were expected to buy that Heathcliff was Russell's son!





8. Grandparents are only about ten years older than the parents.





9.  Wives are usually about 10-20 years younger than the husbands.






10.   Every family gets at least one chance to become multi-millionaires but will most likely end up blowing that chance.



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