The Dukes of Hazzard




Are everybody cousins, uncles, aunties, nephews and nieces, but never brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers


•Do road works never get finished and bridges never get repaired.

•Do you wait for the last possible moment before driving to town to meet a mortgage payment deadline.


•Is there always a dip in the road just when you need it.

•Is it a few minutes drive to every other county in the State

•Is everything only a brief detour away from where you are heading.

•Is working with ladders considered the most hazardous job around

•Is fishing considered the most hazardous pass time around

•Is a soft blow over the head or back able to knock you out cold.

•Is a horrendous crash, one you can escape without injury or death.

•Is an off road race between a Dodge Charger and a Wrangler Jeep considered an even contest.

•Is a man determined to get revenge on his enemy by framing them to put them in prison, for foiling his plots to….. frame them and put them in prison for foiling his plots to…… frame them and put them in prison for…. well you get the picture.

•Even with a five minutes head start your pursuer will always end up on your tail within 5 seconds. 

Can you plunge towards the ground in a car at a 90 degree angle and still land on all 4 wheels without any damage to the car.


•Can you interrupt someone talking on a CB

•Can you hold an effortless conversation over the CB

•Can you strike a deal of 50% of 50%.

•No matter how many times you get caught in a speed trap, you continue to drive around oblivious to the likelihood of another one.

•Villains come in pairs….. and they’ll always be secretly working for Boss Hogg……. and Boss Hogg will always double cross them.

•No crooked cop or politician ever wants to see anyone physically hurt, but is quite happy to destroy other people’s lives for their own financial gain. 

And finally… 

Only in Hazzard – no matter what horrible despicable thing someone does to you, no matter how often they do it and even if you know they’ll do it again, you still do everything in your power to help them when they need it and you still invite them in for Christmas dinner.


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