My favourite 90s and 00s TV shows

Boston Public 


Before Boston Legal, came Boston Public. Done by the same TV production company and even using some of the same actors. This one followed the lives of quirky teachers in a public school instead of quirky solicitors in a law firm.


Some of these characters actually put in appearances in my novelette The Gruesome Murders at Manhattan High.



Possibly the greatest TV Western ever. Gives a lot of gritty realism to the wild west, unlike prevous Westerns. the only negative for me was it was sometimes hard to understand what the characters were saying due to use of a lot of old fashioned English. A little like listening to Shakespeare. Some great characters many of which were based on real people. McShane was brilliant as the foul mouthed Al Swearengin. They updated the swearing to modern expletives because using "God Damn" just doesn't have the impact it once did.

Harper's Island 


This one got better and better as it went. Twists and turns at every step, red herrings and a shocking conclusion. It gave you plenty of characters to love and then killed most of them off one by one.

Best description I can make of this is "Friday the 13th" meets "The Hangover".



This is probably one of the best shows ever based on a movie. I loved it and thought it was a great tribute to the original movie. You just have to get beyond the fact that there are once again hundreds of immortals that weren’t killed off by Connor McCleod and that in an amazing coincidence his cousin, Duncan is also an immortal



Kyle XY


A work colleague recommended this to me, telling me it was about a guy with no belly button, and it sounded rather odd to me, but after he gave me the DVDs of the show and I watched a few episodes, I was hooked. What a brilliant show! Just a pity it didn’t last






A wonderfully bizarre Sci Fi series with some rather warped characters in it. It was funny and different. Eva Habermann rocks!






I got it. Why did so many people not get it? The ending made total sense to me. One of these days I will watch it all again on DVD just to appreciate what I missed the first time around.





Outrageous Fortune


This is Without a doubt the best New Zealand made comedy/drama ever. Great characters, great story lines. About a family of criminals whose matriarch is trying to straighten them all out. 


 Prison Break



This is now my favourite show of all times. Great characters, excellent scenarios. It was just a pity it was one of those shows that you couldn’t just keep creating new seasons for. 


Red Dwarf



Started off slow, but once Kryton the robot came into it, it really hit its stride. It was great to see a new series of this made just recently, after a long break.



Star Trek shows 


I don’t care which one. They’re all great and the characters fantastic. Whoever came up with the concept of the Borg is pure genius. The best Star Trek Captain? I reckon it’s Captain Picard.

Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles


A high budget TV series, which was the result of its downfall in the end. I thought it was a great continuation of the Terminator series of movies. I wish they'd kept making it. 


The Tribe


I just love these types of shows, the whole apocalyptic thing. This one was about a group of teenagers surviving in a Mad Max type of world… all the adults had died off of a disease. It had some great portrayals of religion too, showing just how deluded people can become and how it can spread. This was filmed in New Zealand, with a lot of NZ actors and actresses who went on to bigger things. It was a great show and I just loved the entire concept and there were characters you hated and ones you loved. It’s a pity it didn’t do that well down here.


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