What's good enough for Baal...

If the bible is to be believed, a God who does not offer up proof of existence is a God that can be dismissed as non-existant.

See 1st Kings 18.

Look at the story of Elijah and how he challenged the worshippers of Baal, on Mt Carmal, to light wood on fire to burn a sacrifice. No matter how much praying, dancing and cutting themselves the Baalians did, the fire did not get lit. Elijah was even given license to mock the Baalians and their God. No respect there whatsoever!

However Elijah's God lit a fire even though the wood was drenched with water. Because of that the bible God expected everyone to judge Baal non-existent. But is that fair? For all we know Baal might not have liked being tested and refused to be tested. Perhaps he did not consider those Baalians true Baalians? Or maybe those Baalians were not right with him?

Regardless, this story shows that God is willing to prove his existence, despite what contradictory scriptures may claim about testing God. In fact he insists that other Gods (like Baal) prove themselves unless they want to be deemed non-existent or fraudulent.

So why the double standard? What’s good enough for Baal is certainly good enough for God.



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