Christianity - A con job?

Christians make a lot of claims about what God does for them. He blesses them daily and he answers their prayers. Many claim of miracles and how God helped them achieve certain things. God healed me! God got me that job. He helped me pass that examination. He helped us win! He gave me strength! He helped me overcome that difficulty! God always seems to be doing something for them because they’re always thanking him and giving him praise for seemingly every little thing!


However what they all have in common is they can never prove that God did these things for them. Likewise non-believers can’t prove otherwise, no matter how much rationalising they do. It seems that even though something may have natural causes normally, there’s no way to prove that God didn’t step in and provide some supernatural help on this particular occasion.  We know, for instance, that weather patterns have natural causes, but Christians will insist, “That's true, but God can still cause certain weather to occur.”  So if God provides sunny weather for the church picnic or provides rain for the crops or causes a flood to punish sinners, how can you prove it wasn’t God?  How can you prove it was entirely natural? You can’t.


So there God is, doing all these wonderful things for Christians, jumping through hoops, answering prayers, dishing out blessings left right and centre,  but what happens if a nonbeliever wants REAL proof that God exists? They want to test something out in a way that proves once and for all whether God is real or not? Then suddenly it’s “Oh no, God is not a cosmic errand boy”, “God will not be tested!”, “Don’t expect God to jump through hoops for you.”   Oh yes, very convenient isn’t it? Very convenient indeed. God will jump through hoops for you just as long as you don’t have to prove he really did. As soon as you’re asked to come up with some hard evidence, then suddenly God stops jumping through hoops. He becomes silent, almost as if he doesn’t exist.  Funny that. 


This all sounds like a real con job to me, a con job that even Christians themselves have bought into. It is further evidence that Christianity is a sham and their God doesn’t exist. 





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