Building your house on the Sand

They say that God is omniscient. IE, that he knows all that has happened and is going to happen. Therefore when he created the world he knew about you before you were born and exactly what would happen to you in your life. He knew, when he created the universe, just what problems were going to occur and who was going to cause them. He knew that Satan would run rampant, but yet created him anyway. He knew that Adam and Eve would sin and that his creation would become corrupted, but put no strategies in place to prevent that from happening.

So in effect, what God did, when he created the universe is that he created his house on the sand, but not only that, he created it out of straw. And he knew full well… because he is omniscient… that the house was going to be destroyed, one way or another. He knew either the rains were going to come down and wash that straw house away or that the Big Bad Wolf was going to huff and puff and blow that house down. Yet he still built it out of straw and placed it on sand.

If God is omniscient, then he deliberately created this universe with fatal flaws. He created it in a way that sin would corrupt it horribly. You could say that he created a play house for his children and allowed a child hating paedophile to play with that child (The talking snake). Not only that, but he created the coolest toy… which was also extremely toxic… and told them NEVER to play with it (the tree of the knowledge of good and evil), knowing that they WOULD! The only thing you can possibly say about this God is that he is MALEVOLENT! Either that or he just didn’t care about the ramifications of the way he set things up.

THAT’S if you say he’s omniscient. So clearly for God to be loving and caring, God cannot possibly be omniscient. Because if you know beforehand the horrible consequences your actions will have, you change your actions if you are a loving and caring being. After all, imagine if you will that you knew that tonight if you had sex, you were going to conceive a child that would go on to be a serial child rapist, torturer and murder. If all you had to do was not have sex that night, he would not be conceived. Would you avoid sex that night? If you are a logical, caring, human being OF COURSE YOU WOULD! So if God knew what a horrible creation Satan was going to be, wouldn’t he have avoided creating him? Or at least altered his design somewhat? OF COURSE HE WOULD! If he is as loving, caring and just as you claim him to be.

So then, if God is NOT omniscient…

Well then you are still left with a disturbing conclusion. It means that God did not put a lot of forethought into his planning. He did not allow any contingencies for sin! He created humans with free will and a human nature, but did not put any thought into how his creation would be corrupted if they rebelled. This either shows a completely IGNORANT God or a completely INCOMPETENT God.

No matter what way you look at it, this God is definitely not someone worthy of worship and possibly not even worthy of being called a God.


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