Are you a moral person?


I hope that you, reading this, are a good person, one who considers themselves caring, considerate of others and a down right decent and moral human being. But to find out, how about you put yourself in the shoes of Pat. Pat is a God fearing Christian; a loving family man who cares deeply for those around him. He tries to live a Godly life while avoiding the temptations that the devil puts in front of him. He meets up for a coffee with Dan one day and figures it’s time to talk to him about God. After all, without God in his life, how can he possibly deal with the traps of the devil?




So Pat tells Dan about God and how wonderful he is. Dan however has a question…


‘Pat,’ Dan says. ‘Let me ask you some questions here. Please humour me here, ok? Just go along with this scenario I’m going to present to you as if it really could be possible, ok?’


‘Yeah, sure,’ says Pat.


‘Ok… let’s say that tonight, Pat, when you go home, you are going to have sex with your wife. And you KNOW that when you have sex with her tonight that you are going to conceive a child. A baby boy.’


‘Ok, sure, I can go along with that,’ says Pat. ‘So I KNOW that we will conceive a baby boy?’


‘That’s right. Now that baby boy is gonna be a wonderful son and you will love him very much, however when he reaches adult hood, he is going to become a horrible person. In fact he is going to go around raping and torturing young children. He is going to put them through days and days of intense  suffering and cruelty before he will make them die a slow painful death.’


‘Why, that’s horrible!’


‘Yes, it is. So Pat, you know what this child will become, but you also know that if you do not have sex tonight, you will not conceive this child. You can have sex whenever you want from tomorrow onwards, but you will never ever conceive a child like that one. It’s only tonight that you will conceive this child. My question for you, Pat, is would you have sex with your wife tonight?’


‘What? No! Of course not! What kind of a person would knowingly unleash such a horror on innocent children?’


‘But Pat, you don’t know these children he is going to torture and murder. You certainly don’t love them. You don’t know them at all.’


‘It doesn’t matter! I would never ever wish that upon any child! If all it took was not to have sex with my wife tonight, I’d avoid sex. I’d come up with an excuse… say I have a head ache or something and that I’ll make it up to her in the morning!’


‘But what if it was just one kid who had to be tortured, raped and murdered. Would that be ok?’


‘Are you kidding? What sort of person do you think I am? Not even one kid! If all it took was no sex tonight to save one kid from that sort of horror, I’d not have sex. Even if it meant no sex for the rest of my life I wouldn’t do it.’


‘What if this kid was the most nasty little brat you’ve ever seen in your life? A real little shit? Would you be ok with your son torturing and raping this kid?’


‘Of course not! I would never wish that sort of suffering on my worst enemy and I would never want to bring such a person into this world!’


‘But why not?’


‘Because that would be absolutely immoral! I would be a despicable human being if I knowingly conceived such an abomination when all I had to do was just not have sex tonight.’


‘Wow… So you are truly a moral person, Pat. In fact you are many many times more loving, caring and moral than the God which you worship!’


‘What? No! Of course not! God is the most moral of all! He is more loving than any other being. In fact he is the creator of morals!’


‘But wait…. He did exactly what I  described in this scenario. He created a monstrous and abominable being, who’s only desire is to unleash hell and suffering on every human being in the planet. Not just a handful of kids either. EVERYBODY! This despicable creature wants every single one of us to burn for all eternity in Hell! He manipulates and deceives! He is worse than your potential child we were talking about. Worse that a child torturer and rapist. He’s the worst being ever!’


‘You are talking about the Devil!’


‘Yes! The being that God created knowing full well what that creature would become later on down the track. Knowing that that creature would completely corrupt his perfect creation and cause his loved ones to suffer! He could have said “no, I will not create this abomination. I will create something different instead", but he knowingly created this horror. Yet you call him loving? You call him moral? But you have shown me that you are more loving and moral than this God! In fact I’m betting there isn’t a person alive on this planet or in history who would ever wish something as horrific as the devil on mankind. Yet, you adore this God. You worship him and proclaim him to be great…’


‘I… Ummm….’


‘Mmmmmm,’ says Don. ‘Maybe you aren’t as caring and moral as you claim to be?’



Dear reader, it’s now time to ask yourself…. How moral are you? Would you knowingly conceive an abomination like the devil? If you say yes, then you are truly a despicable person, even worse than the devil himself, because the only thing worse than being something abominable is CREATING that abominable thing.


Or would you refuse to create that abomination like any caring or moral being would?  Thus showing you are in fact more caring, loving and moral than the God of the bible?


Or are you, like me just thankful that this so-called God (and his abominable creation) doesn’t exist and that you can be a moral person without the need for any God?


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  • #1

    redo (Saturday, 17 January 2015 19:41)

    An all knowing God would know what it takes to give a people with free will eternal life. First he would have to teach us to stop sinning and destroying ourselves. How would you do that?

  • #2

    reckersworld (Sunday, 18 January 2015 13:48)

    I don't see how that question is relevant.