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I know, I know, there are going to be many female readers out there who are going to be OUTRAGED by the subject of my sermon this month. But TOUGH! God has told me himself that this topic needs to be addressed because there are way too many women out there thinking they can be in positions of leadership over men. Thinking that they are equal to us! Well that is not true, my brothers and sisters. Paul himself, the founder of Christianity, states quite plainly in his letters (eg 1 Cor 8-9, 11:13, 14:340-35 1 Tim 2:11-14, Eph 5:22-24) that they should be submissive to their husbands. That they should never teach over men. They should be seen and not heard. That their place is in the KITCHEN!  Ok, the bible doesn’t say that last part but it would it if were written today.  

A woman's place is in the kitchen? Jesus would have thought so!
A woman's place is in the kitchen? Jesus would have thought so!


The bible shows us all throughout the old testament that women are the possessions of men. They they can be traded and sold in marriage…that they can be taken as sex slaves, that they can be handed over to appease raging mobs (see the story of Lot). They are there only to serve man, my brothers and sisters! HALLELUJAH! What a wonderful god we serve that he has prepared mates for us… mates to cook, clean and provide us with good loving. That is their job brothers and sisters! PRAISE THE LORD! 


As we can see with Eve, she was provided to Adam for his sexual gratification. She then showed her evil by tempting him and leading him into sin. That is why, my brothers and sisters, women must be kept in their place. They are EVIL! They are temptresses! The only good ones are the ones who Jesus has saved and who remain subjective to the men in their lives and remain in that kitchen, cooking and cleaning. THAT, my brothers and sisters is what a true Christian woman should do!


Oh my brothers and sisters, read your bible! Quit trying to make excuses! The bible is clear about all these things. God intended that women should be lower than man. Just look how many of the book in the bible revolve around women. 2 out of 66!  And one of them was sold to a man along with a lot of other property! Note the 12 chosen apostles. Not even ONE woman! Clearly Jesus did not believe women had what it takes to be part of his chosen 12. Even Judas Iscariot was chosen ahead of females!


Just look at the nameless women in the bible. Here is a link. Notice how many of them are women!


List of names for the biblical nameless


There are around 2000 names written in the bible. Only 188 (10% of them are women!)


Girls (188)


Males (1792)


 Simply read 1st Chronicles! A genealogy… but how often are women even mentioned? It's all about the sons and fathers. SOME wives mentioned...some concubines (sex-slaves) mentioned... no daughters mentioned... oh wait there is one. She was given away to somebody apparently (1st Chr 2:35).  The occasional daughter is mentioned, but there surely must have been way way more. Many more wives and many more daughters. But they are just not mentioned even there!

Surely the reason is obvious, my brothers and my sisters! Women are just not that important to god. Not as important as men anyway. As much as we may detest it, it is the way God ordained it and who are we to question him? We may not understand it, but we must accept it. HALLELUJAH!


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