Even a non-existent god can be shown to exist



No doubt you’ve come across many heathens, my brothers and sisters, who challenge you as to God’s existence. They say that they have prayed many times but have had no answers. Of course we all know that God ALWAYS answers prayers. It may be that it’s just not the answer we want.


Sometimes it might be a yes! Sometimes it might be a no! Sometimes it might be a wait. Sometimes God may have bigger and better plans in store for us. It could be that he just wants us to suffer! Praise God! There is always a reason. Your evil Satan-loving friends might try to claim that if you use that reasoning, then you might as well just say “whatever will be, will be” and that prayer has no real effect. You could get the same results even from a non-existent God. But isn’t that wonderful, my brothers and sisters? Even if God DIDN’T exist, we can still make the same claim that he ALWAYS answers prayers. HALLELUUUUJAHHHH!  Even if we don’t get any positive results from our prayer we can just claim he is just saying “no” or he is just saying “wait”! GLORY BE TO GOD!


Those dirty heathens, those sin-loving scum may try to taunt you. They might say, if God is real, why is he blessing non-Christians? Surely it should only be Christians that win the lottery? Surely God would be providing protection for Christians in all circumstances instead of letting them be murdered or raped by Muslim terrorists. Surely all Christians should be in tip top health. They should be happy and full of peace and joy, etc etc.


No, my brothers and sisters! That is a lie from the devil. No matter what happens to us there is always a good reason. God is in charge! He controls what happens to us. If we are a child living in an extremely abusive situation, then that is the way God intended it. He decided that you should be in that situation. Maybe it is because he knows what an evil little shit you will turn out to be so is punishing you in his usual loving manner, IN advance. Or he is punishing you for the sins of your forefathers. Or perhaps he wants to test you and demonstrate his great love for you in the process. There is always a reason.


This is the reality of the situation, my brothers and my sisters:


If you are good and good things happen to you it's "God's blessing"

If you are good and bad things happen to you, you are "being tested".

If you are bad and good things happen "God's grace is upon you"

If you are bad and bad things happen it's because you are being punished.


Praise the lord! Just look at that list, my brothers and sisters! The evil atheist could claim that these are all excuses for a non-existent God. They say that God could be non-existent and you could still make all these claims!  But that is the beauty of it! Even if God WAS non-existent, we can STILL make these claims! We can still use these excuses to convince people he is real. HALLELUUUUUUUJAH!!


Isn’t it great to know, my brothers and sisters, that even if God were non-existent, we could still conjure up reasons to believe in him. PRAISE THE LORD!!



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