Pastor Jake's words of godly wisdom


Pastor Jake is a character I created for my online comedy magazine, UBBA. He is a pastor of his own evangelical ministry (Pastor Jake Ministries) who has some rather controversial ideas about Christianity. Here, you can read some of his sermons. 


Check back every few months or so. More of his wisdom will be added. 


Creating your own religion - Part 1 

Creating your own religion - Part 2

Drink and be merry

God won't prove himself to you? Perhaps he hates your guts?

Judgement Day

So you lack faith? So did the disciples!

Taking the Pagan out of Christmas

Thou shalt not preach the gospel

To Hell with you!


Women! Lower than men!


Added October 2017

Liars for Christ - We need them!


Added January 2018

Even a non-existent god can be shown to exist


Added March 2018

You too can have the holy spirit in your church!


Added July 2018

Who to create your own religion - part 2