Sin City

This is a parody of the Chick tract of the same title, which can be found here.

This story is about a tolerant and Christ loving reverend who learns some terrible lessons and becomes a human nature hating, intolerant, bigoted fundamentalist Christian. HELLELUUUUUUUJAH!!

Enter Blob Wallyams, Jack Chick's idea of the perfect Christian. He's here to use his Christian super powers to judge, brainwash and manipulate his victims. Oh and you can tell by looking at him that he's a sexual deviant.

The original tract tried to gloss over the nastier parts of the story in Genesis. Ie, deliberately misleading readers by making it sound as though no children were slaughtered in the Sodom and Gomorrah genocide… and missing out the bit where God’s so-called righteous man, Lot offers up his poor virgin daughters to the raging mob. I however made sure those crucial details were added.

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