This section is especially for my best works, stuff which I feel is ready for publication. These have been critiqued by other writers.


Dead End High


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Aimed at a Teenaged audience.


Adam returns to Pungaru High, after being seriously ill in hospital for several weeks, to find a wacky new principal running the school. This principal has made bizarre rule changes including cancellation of maths classes and inclusion of computer games classes, thus turning the place into Adam’s dream school.


However, students begin to disappear one by one, including one of Adam’s best friends. More new teachers start at the school and Adam begins to realise there is more than simple child abductions going on here. The truth is far more sinister and horrifying.


Dead End Town



Aimed at a Teenaged audience


Sequel to Dead End High


Time Warped


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Fantasy Sci Fi/Comedy 

Aimed at young adults and older.


Vince Drexler has created a time machine, however he unwittingly triggers a chain of events that could result in the end of the world. His time travelling causes all the time lines to become tangled so that elements of each destination merge with the current time. Cowboys and Roman centurians in the 21st century, Christ being crucified on a city hill top, cruise ships made of gopher wood.. There is only one thing for it. Vince has to visit God's dimension to enlist help to fix the problem. 


Meanwhile Shawn Camerons, a failing solicitor is the only other human on the planet that is noticing these bizarre changes. However some dark force is beckoning him, calling him for some unknown task...


Last of all is Joe Ashley, a typical Auckland city cop. He is suffering the side effects of Vince Drexler's time travelling experiments and finds himself regularly transported into an empty shell of the Earth where nothing exists but demoniac and angelic forces battling it out in a never ending war.