The Mob from TAC

The Mob from TAC novels are a series of light-hearted high school novels (aimed at teenagers) following the dramas of a group of students at Te Arawa College in New Zealand. I’m sure you will love this selection of characters, some of which are larger than life and very comical.


The stories have three main stars who I have been writing about for years. Rex, the guy who has everything going for him and who can wrap his teachers… and the girls around his little finger. Tucker, the overweight, but ridiculous bully who nothing ever goes right for… and later in the series, Vanessa, the gorgeous brunette with the magnetic personality who everyone falls in love with.


The stories follow a time line, so they are best to be read in order, although I feel the best stories are later on in the series, especially once Vanessa comes in. If you want to read one that's not available for download, just email me.


The content of these stories gets edgier as it goes through the series, dealing with controversial issues. I would be interested in any comments you may have. Is the later stuff too controversial and edgy for a teenager’s novel?


If you like these stories and want to find out what these guys get up to as adults, check out my other section and the Rex Cassidy Investigator novelettes.


1 - The Mob from TAC


It's a new year at Te Arawa College, a New Zealand High school, and two Schools merge into one, bringing with it all sorts of complications.


New student Tucker Pyles terrorizes the school, while plain Jane, Chelsea Brown attempts to get in with the popular girls, while oddball Rick Maverick is just trying to fit in.



Peer pressure comes in the form of alcohol, cigarettes and sex. But who is the mysterious Rex Cassidy, who was expelled from his previous school and is about to make his mark on TAC? Will that be a good thing, or more complications for the Mob from TAC?


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2 - Mismatched at TAC


Tucker Pyles, although no longer the kingpin of Te Arawa College, continues to do his dirty work, bullying juniors for food.



Rex Cassidy finds himself involved in an absurd challenge that even he knows he should have no part of.  At the same time, he has to deal with Tucker plotting to humiliate him, as well as a tough new teacher who wishes to force his students into submission.


Holly Robinson and Rick Maverick are now a couple, but Holly is finding the allure of another guy way too strong. Will their relationship last?


There's a new principal at TAC and he's about to find that being there is more of a curse than a blessing.


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3 - Trouble at TAC


1.       Fascist, Mr Upton, has declared war on Rex Cassidy and will not stop until he has him expelled and will use underhanded tactics to do it.


Tucker Pyles is being forced by his mother to do a part-time job to help support the family, and he hates it. However, his new alliance with a new boy at school may assist him, once again, to become kingpin at Te Arawa College.


A new darling arrives at the school. But what is her deep dark secret? 



Holly Robinson has been sick an awful lot lately. What is really wrong? Chelsea Brown is determined to find out. 


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4 Heroes at TAC


Snobby Craig McLeod is on a campaign to have Mr Harris fired from Te Arawa College. Can Rex Cassidy prevent that from happening while at the same time trying to protect Daryl Chambers from her abusive father? 


Holly Robinson is troubled over the terrible news she must deliver to her boyfriend Rick Maverick. Can she find the courage to tell him or will he find it out through other means?


Tough guy Will Ullman (Wal) finally gets himself a girlfriend. However, it seems she may not like him as much as he thinks. 


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5 - Scheming at TAC

Tucker Pyles has lost his job and he has until the end of the week to get a new one otherwise he will be kicked out of home by his witch of a mother. 


Newcomer, Biggles, Rex's cousin, has arrived at Te Arawa. But why is it that Rex refuses to have anything to do with him?


Holly Robinson and Rick Maverick have split, but she still desires to have him back. But will she lose out to the girl who Mav had a crush on at the beginning of the year or will Jacqui Donaldson sabotage everything?


The school gala is coming up but it could turn out to be very controversial... a kissing booth AND a challenge that will be completely humiliating for the loser.



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6 - Murder at TAC


One of Te Arawa College’s most hated teachers has been murdered. But who did it? Three different tales will be told, each with wild contradictions. Can Rex Cassidy wade his way through all the conflicting stories to find out the truth?



Everyone has a theory on who the murderer is, but only Pete Cook is threatened with violence if he dares say anything against one of the suspects. 


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7 - New Year at TAC


A mysterious beauty by the name of Vanessa Dante arrives at Te Arawa College, a girl from Rex Cassidy's past, but why does he want nothing to do with her? Could she be the mysterious former love that Rex refuses to talk about?

Tucker Pyles is still being forced, by his  mother,  to work after school and weekends, but how much longer can he possibly hope to hold onto his current job with such a bad attitude?


Rog Shepherd (Sheep) and Will Adler (Wal) have both decided that they want to take Chelsea Brown to the dance, so they start a competition to see who will get to take her.



A beach party is planned at Pone Rd. But big trouble is looming.


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8 - Challenges at TAC


Trouble comes in volumes for Rex Cassidy when he runs afoul of a street gang. 


Vanessa Dante, the new school sweetheart, only has eyes for Rex, but Tucker Pyles  is going to change that  when he declares that he is going to be more like Rex. 


Tucker,  isn't the only one the "Goddess" Vanessa has captivated - for Jacqui Donaldson though, all she has captured is her ire and jealousy.  But will her distaste for Vanessa cause her more harm than good?  


Rex's 16th birthday party is approaching and it's going to be the biggest party ever. But there are people who are determined to ensure that it will be the biggest disaster ever.


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9 - TAC Boot Camp


With the school principal out of action, Mr Harris is now in charge and declares that Te Arawa College is going to be run similar to a boot camp.


Meanwhile, Tucker decides to start his own religion... the worship of the Goddess - Vanessa Dante.


Speaking of Vanessa, her obsession with Rex is starting to have negative effects, effects which once led her to attempt suicide. Can she pull herself together and will the appearance of her long lost father only complicate matters?


Meanwhile Will Ullman plans to skip class with a bunch of guys to see a rugby match and a new junior boy finds that he has run afoul of the wrong people


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10 - Dark Days at TAC


Tucker Pyles plots to take Rex Cassidy down by stealing camp fees and trying to plant the evidence in Rex's locker, however, another innocent victim ends up implicated instead. But how did that happen?


Disaster strikes when Rex Cassidy is attacked by gang members and loses partial memory. Will this spell the end for Vanessa Dante's relationship with him, especially as it seems he has now taken on a darker side and is more interested in Holly?


Holly Robinson's relationship with Rick Maverick is in jeopardy again. This time, it looks like Mav is seeing someone behind her back.



New teacher, Mr Sanders has decided that his students need God in their lives. But is he really the great Christian he makes himself out to be?  


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11 - Jealously at TAC


Vanessa Dante's friendship with Maggie Matthews has taken a forbidden step. How will that affect Maggie's relationship with her boyfriend? How will Vanessa deal with the fact that this boy seems to want her more than he does Maggie? And how will she deal with her half-sister, Nadia who has turned up out of the blue and has her sights set on her own boyfriend?


Rex is the recipient of dubious advances when he finds a teacher and Vanessa's mother have taken a fancy to him.



Meanwhile, Tucker Pyles realises that pretending to be a girl online may get him a chance to woo the goddess, Vanessa. 


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12 - Choices at TAC


Tucker Pyles has had enough of having to work for his mother, so declares that he is going to get himself fired from every job she sets him up with.


Rex finds himself in serious trouble with the police, when, protecting Vanessa, he puts a guy in hospital.


When Daryl Chambers, Rex's former girlfriend, returns to Te Arawa, Vanessa finds that herself and Rex's relationship might not be as solid as she believed.  



Meanwhile, Nadia, Vanessa's jealous and mentally disturbed half-sister is plotting something that will result in big trouble at the school camp.


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13 - Redemption at TAC


Tucker Pyles gets himself fired from his latest job, but then finds himself desperate to be rehired when he hears of something that could be to his benefit.  Will his determination to turn over a new leaf and become a better man  help him mend the many bridges he has burnt over recent weeks?


Daryl Chambers, racked with guilt over what she tried to do to Vanessa Dante and Rex Cassidy, wishes to redeem herself and plans a public apology at the upcoming Costume Party, but will her plans be sabotaged?  


New guy, Clarke Hanson has scored the affections of Holly Robinson, but will Holly's unrequited feelings for Rex destroy yet another potential long-term relationship?


A new teacher starts at TAC but takes an instant disliking to Vanessa, intending to sully her reputation and turn people against her. Can anything be done to stop her? 


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14 - Vendettas at TAC


Ben Tamati is back in town and everyone knows he has a vendetta against Rex Cassidy. But just how far is he willing to go to exact revenge?  A heck of a lot further than anyone thinks and  only Rog Shepherd realises this. 


Vanessa Dante has beat out Carla Munroe to get the lead female role opposite Rex Cassidy in the annual  school production. But just what lengths is Carla willing to go to, to ensure Vanessa is unable to perform? 



Rick Maverick has a new girlfriend and Holly Robinson decides she likes the new athlete at the school, Byron Hastings, but it seems that he is out simply to break hearts and ultimately has his eye on Vanessa. Will Mav stand by and allow his ex to be taken advantage of?


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15 - Aberrations at TAC


Tucker Pyles is bitter and twisted, angry that Rex Cassidy left him wounded on the side of the road after having been shot by Ben Tamati's shot gun. He is determined to get revenge once and for all and he's going to use Rex's only known weakness against him... Vanessa Dante. 


Meanwhile Vanessa has other  troubles with inappropriate and threatening notes and  a group of junior stalkers.  


Year 11 student, Madison Aitken, wants Rex Cassidy and will manipulate and hurt anyone to get what she wants. But could the real threat to everyone be her violent alcoholic father? 


Maggie Matthews is having major problems with her parents who cannot accept that she is bisexual and cannot accept her best friend Vanessa. Will her parents go through with their threat of removing her from Te Arawa College or will they more likely leave her to the mercy of their deluded church pastor who believes she has a demon inside her?  


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16 - Final Year at TAC


In an inventive attempt to control Rex Cassidy, Principal Mr Ropata makes him head boy, however the Reaper is dead against it and determined to do whatever it takes to have him removed from his position. 


Ever the opportunist, Tucker Pyles has decided to re-establish his Vanessa Dante worshipping cult and recruit followers from the new batch of gullible juniors with promises of personal introductions and even dates with the Goddess… for a price. However an old foe from a previous school has turned up on the scene to make his life miserable and has his eyes on the object of Tucker’s worship.


Pete Cook hooked up with the girl of his dreams during the Christmas holidays and she is now coming to TAC, but Pete is troubled. How will he stop her from falling in love with Rex Cassidy like every other girl before her?


Amongst the new juniors is Ashlee Robertson who quickly forms an attachment to Rex and Vanessa. Like most of the other juniors she looks upon them as celebrities, however the dodgy Mr Sanders is determined to be her saviour from their influences no matter what.


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17 - Conspiracy at TAC


Bulldozer is on the warpath and looking for revenge on Rex Cassidy. He has decided to recruit himself a gang to take Rex down. This gang intend to terrorize and control the entire school 

Chelsea Brown is back at TAC, but she has changed and is no longer the sweet considerate girl she used to be.

Rex Cassidy’s gorgeous half-sister Skylar is now at TAC and is turning heads almost as much as Vanessa Dante did when she first arrived at TAC. However it seems that Skylar wants to avoid her brother and no one but Vanessa and Rex know the reason why, but they’re not saying anything.


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18 - Godly Men at TAC


TAC has been overtaken by religious bigots… well the pastor of Te Arawa’s largest and most influential church has been made interim principal while Mr Ropata is away overseas and he wants to run the school like it’s his local church and even brings in fellow church members to do it. Rex and Vanessa, in an attempt to teach these religious bigots a lesson, decide to plan a trick to humiliate them.

Not only does Rex have to contend with the new powers that be, he also has to watch out for Mr Reaper who is still trying to have him ousted as head boy and this time he has a scheme that just might work.

Rex and Vanessa also have to deal with the fact that Vanessa’s father and her psychotic half-sister Nadia are  back in town, claiming to be new people. But are they really?  

Meanwhile Tucker Pyles finally has a chance at getting a real girlfriend, but will he blow it due to his tunnel vision and desires for Rex’s sister, Skylar?

Still to be published. Let us know if you want us to hurry it along!



19 - Sabotage at TAC


Tucker Pyles has found himself a cushy number working part time at the Te Arawa Christian Fellowship, but finds himself the target of persecution from one of the Fellowship, persecution in the form of a plot to have him fired.

Ambrosia Wilson also goes along to the church, but her crisis of faith has now forced her to change her views on everything she ever believed. But how does she deal with her extremely religious parents and brother.  

Mr Harris has been stood down as temporary Principal due to bogus claims of sexual harassment by the sexy new girl’s PE teacher. Rex vows to blow the plot wide open and it means having to get into the good books of the new PE teacher to do it. He is however unaware the he too is the target of a plot, one which plans to see him fired from his role as head boy. 

Meanwhile, Nadia, Vanessa Dante’s mentally disturbed sister is plotting, along with their father, to split Rex and Vanessa up and this time they have a despicable plan, using an old friend from Vanessa’s past.

Still to be published. Let us know if you want us to hurry it along!

Distrust at TAC


It’s Rex Cassidy’s 17th birthday party and at least one student was forbidden to come by her parents. Vanessa Dante attempts to cover for her but soon finds she has to keep lying to cover up the previous lies.


Colin Hewes is trying to distance himself from the bad influence of Tucker Pyles and improve his reputation as being just one of Tucker’s goons. However no matter what he does, everything seems to backfire. How is he going to convince the beautiful Ambrosia Wilson that he really is a good guy?


Maggie Matthews has a new boyfriend, but this one wants to lead her astray by stealing cigarettes from her father’s shop to sell at school.  


Rick Maverick finds that Aussie exchange student Sharona has desires for him, even though she’s supposed to be the girlfriend of his best mate, Pete.  Will he remain strong and resist her advances or will he give in and possibly ruin his friendship with Pete as well as upset his sweetheart, Holly Robinson? 


Still to be published. Let us know if you want us to hurry it along!