The Rex Cassidy Investigators

Intended audience: teenagers through to adults.


The Rex Cassidy Investigator series follows the adventures of a group of young detectives from New Zealand, lead by the dynamic and amazing Rex Cassidy. They form a private investigation firm in Hollywood USA. Their adventures see them up against all sorts of abominable characters and find them teaming up with (or against) well-known television and movie characters along the way. If you’ve read any of my Mob from TAC books you will find that these are the same characters, but now adults.


I first started writing about the Rex Cassidy Investigators when I was 12 years old and wrote my last one in the mid 90s. They were originally all handwritten on paper and I kept them due to the sentimental value. Years later (around 2010), I became appalled at just how amateurish and badly written they were, but I couldn’t dispose of them, so I started to revamp them, rewriting them in the style that I write now and I am very pleased with what I have come up with. 


Will I write more RCI adventures? Quite possibly, although these days I prefer to write drama and comedy rather than crime stories, but really I just need to have some inspiration to continue with the series.


Special note: I have only made available a selection of my personal favourites, but if you wish to read some of the others, please email me and I will put them up for download. Some files also contain graphics, which is why some of the file sizes are quite large. I have originally uploaded them as Word documents, but am gradually changing them to other file types. You can download some from Smashwords.



1 - The Case of the Moviestar Nappers
This is the Rex Cassidy Investigator’s very first case. They find themselves in Hazzard County Georgia trying to track down kidnapped movie stars.

Celebrity guests: Actress Jennifer Connelly, Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and characters from the TV show the Dukes of Hazzard.
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2 - The Case of the Juvenile Thieves

The RCI must capture a gang of pickpocketers and the thugs in charge.

Celebrity guests: Pro Wrestlers; Randy “Macho Man” Savage and Million Dollar Man; Ted Dibiase

3 - The Curse of the Witchdoctor

RCI must capture a gang of poachers in Congo, Africa, under the curse of a maniacal witchdoctor.

Celebrity guest: James Bond

4 - The Secret of the Devil's Triangle
Stranded on the Devil's Island, the RCI uncover the mystery of the devil's triangle

Celebrity Guests: Characters from the Benson TV show
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5 - The Gruesome Murders at Manhattan High


The RCI are called on to go undercover into a New York high school as student teachers to uncover who is behind the serial killing of some of the school’s teachers. 


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6 - The Case of the Cattle Rustlers
In Silverado , Colorado, the RCI must capture a gang of ruthless cattle rustlers led by Fingers McGraw and his brothers.

Celebrity guests: Characters from the movie Silverado
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7 - The Mystery of the Moving Statue

The RCI are on a mission to infiltrate a gang of modern day pirates, led by the imfamous Kid and Fingers McGraw, who terrorise the oceans. They must also investigate an even more bizarre case; that of the statue of buccaneer Bjorn Van Heath, which gets off its pedestal some nights and walks around the square.

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8 - The Case of the Downtown Terrorists

The RCI take on gunmen who are terrorising the city.

9 - The Case of the Counterfeiters (Currently unavailable as still being revamped)

The RCI find themselves in Georgia trying to save the ranch of Kelly Cooper ‘s uncle and at the same time discover a counterfeiting ring is in operation.

Celebrity Guests: Actors Bud Spencer, Terence Hill, Andrea (Missi) Pyle and characters from the Dukes of Hazzard TV show.



10 - The Secret of the Phantom Clown


The RCI go undercover to investigate murders inside Harvey's Circus, which were supposedly committed by the ghost of a popular clown.


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11 - The Case of the Landmark Terrorists
A group of terrorists are out to destroy every major tourist attraction they can and they have challenged the RCI to stop them.

Celebrity guests: Bodie & Doyle from the TV show “The Professionals”
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12 - The Great Prison Break

The RCI find themselves up against many of their former foes after a massive Prison break lead by Kid McGraw and Mr Shades.

Celebrity guests: The A Team



13 - Doppleganger Madness


A bizarre case in which Rex is supposedly killed and there are clones running around all over the place, including the mountains of Norway. Vanessa, tormented over Rex's apparent death, attempts to commit suicide...


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14 - Rex and Angel

This story covers a period of a few years. Rex laments the fact that Vanessa is in a coma. He hires help to ensure she gets the best possible care. Rex finds himself falling for Vanessa's nurse, Angel Murray. But how can he allow himself to fall in love with Angel, while his childhood sweetheart and perfect match, remains in a coma?

15 - Aliens in Atlantis

Holidaying at sea where the lost city of Atlantis has recently been discovered, the RCI stumble upon a mysterious man named Dr Dream who may have connections with a foe from their past. What is Dr Dream up to and why is he so paranoid? And who is the strange orange man who is terrorising divers amongst the ruins of Atlantis?

Celebrity guests: Pro wrestler; Rowdy Roddy Piper, Actress; Andrea (Missi) Pyle plus Jonathan Higgins and Thomas Magnum from the TV show “Magnum PI”. 

16 - Rex Cassidy - Gang Member

Dr Dream is back and kidnaps Rex and using his latest invention, changes him into a criminal. Rex forsakes the RCI and joins a street gang known as the Thundermen. The other RCI must somehow get Rex back to normal.

17 - Rex & Vanessa


This takes place over a period of two years. Finally Vanessa is out of her comatose state, but finds Rex is now married to Angel. How will she cope knowing that she has lost her one true love? She has taken extreme measures in the past to get her man. What will she do this time? Meanwhile Rex has to deal with the battle raging within him - his love for Vanessa vs his love and loyalty towards his wife. 



18 - The Return of Fingers McGraw


The RCI go undercover to assist old foe, Fingers McGraw to bring down  the infamous Kono and his gang to capture one of the Government’s most wanted men, Bronson Tanglemeyer. The big question is still on all the RCI's mind. Is Fingers McGraw really a changed man and can he be trusted?


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19 - The Great Angel Cassidy Rescue

Kano has escaped from custody and has kidnapped Angel. The RCI must go through an impossible test in the Vietnam jungle to get her back.

Celebrity Guests: Pro wrestlers: Ted Dibiase, Undertaker, Jesse Ventura, Bret Hart, Brutus Beefcake

20 - The Day the RCI Closed for Business

What would you do differently if you had a chance to start life all over again? Well Rex has a chance to find out... but this time he chooses to lay the RCI to rest... forever!

21 - Silhouettes of a Moving Statue - The Ghost of Bjorn Van Heath
Sequel to "The Secret of the Moving Statue". Once again pirates terrorise the Atlantic , but this time in a submarine. Colin leads a team undercover aboard, while Rex leads the rest of the team on a dangerous search for Captain Bjorn Van Heath's long lost treasure. Tiny Flynn is in charge of the pirates, along with a crazy new captain who thinks he's a vampire: Capt Rigourmortis. Who is the mysterious Black Friday? Is there really an ancient pirates curse on the RCI and is there really such things as ghosts?

Celebrity guests: Officer Crabtree from the TV show “Allo Allo”, actress; Andrea (Missi) Pyle and pro wrestlers; British Bulldog, Undertaker, Jake the Snake Roberts and Macho Man Randy Savage,
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22 - The Second Great Prison Break – Ninja Attack

Tiny Flynn is on the loose again, busted out of jail by a gang of ninjas, compliments of Dr Dream. But he’s not the only one. Many of the RCI’s former enemies have joined him in the escape. Vanessa is cornered in Disney Land as Tiny Flynn and his mob attempt to track her down to hold her hostage. Rex goes on the warpath to take them all out and rescue his childhood sweetheart.

Celebrity Guests: 24’s Jack Bauer, actress; Kari Wuhrer and from the TV show Minder; Arthur Daley and Terry McCann

23 - Rex and the RCI

Everyday lives of Rex and the RCI

24 - The Legacy of a Roving Buccaneer: Son of Bjorn Van Heath
More piracy, more hidden treasure. Bjorn Van Heath III enlists the RCI to help find his father's long lost treasure. The search takes them to Van Heath Island and a run in with Dr Dream who has a nasty surprise in store for them - a laser gun which completely wipes their memories
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25 - Return of Fingers McGraw II: The Yarum Alliance

Fingers is back, as is the evil Yarum, a man with a secret identity. The RCI discover a horrible fact and that Yarum is in fact a friend of the RCI, perhaps even one of the RCI themselves. And Yarum is out to kill Rex.

Celebrity guests: Thomas Magnum and Jonathon Higgins from the TV show Magnum PI

26 - The Isle of Bad Dreams

The RCI are called to Rex's estate on the Isle of Jersey, when their house minder, an old school friend is murdered. Is the murder linked to the strange occurrences involving witchcraft near the caves on the coast?

Celebrity Guest: Detective Inspector Jim Bergerac from the TV show Bergerac.

27 - The Madness of Dr Dream
Dr Dream is back and his memory has been restored. He also has a new amazing invention which propels the RCI into a bizarre alternative universe where they are lost, bewildered and have Dr Dream’s squad hunting them down.
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28 - The Plot to Overthrow the RCI
Rex is sent to an alternate universe where Angel is still alive and finds himself living the life of a different Rex who isn't quite as honorable as him. In it he discovers there is a plot afoot to have them all wiped out and that this plot also affects those in the universe he comes from.
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