New Zealand Artists of the 80s


Not many New Zealand artists had international success during the 80s. They tended to be big only in New Zealand and Australia. We here in New Zealand however got the privilege of seeing these artists make a name for themselves down here. 








Came and went. Returned again in the 90s and continued on into the 00s.



Coconut Rough


A very short lived band which should have been big. It gave us us a classic hit - a one-hit-wonder with "Sierrra Leone".






Crowded House


Our biggest export (With a couple of Aussies in it). At least until Lorde came along. 



Dave Dobbyn


One of our most respected singer/song writers who could do no wrong in the 80s. (Except of course when he incited a riot in Queen Street one time).



DD Smash


Dave Dobbyn moved on from the 70s band Th' Dudes and formed his own band which won all sorts of awards. Then of course he moved on to a successful solo career.



A band that had success in the 70s and 80s and even managed to get an international hit with "Rain". 


The (Dance) Exponents


I had a friend at high school who was nuts over these guys and had their name written all over his pencil case and books. I'd never heard any of their songs at that point and wouldn't start to appreciate them until they came out with their all time classic "I'll say goodbye even though I'm blue". 








Another of those bands that flew under my radar until later on in the 80s. Then I started to appreciate their earlier stuff. New Zealand's finest reggae band.


Mi Sex


A band with sex in the name? Surely they had to be x-rated? But they weren't. "Computer Games" is an all time classic as far as I'm concerned and reminds us of one of the greatest things that came out of the 80s.  





Margaret Urlich


The uniquely beautiful, Margaret had a lot of success on her own and with different bands: Peking Man and When the Cats away.



The Mockers


I hated their sound at first as they sounded like a bunch of retards, but they grew on me, especially with classics like "Forever Tuesday  Morning" and "One Black Friday".



The Narcs


Came up with possibly one of the greatest songs ever from a New Zealand band IMHO: "Heart & Soul"


Peking Man


Brought us Margaret Urlich and her brother. I don't know whether her brother accomplished anything musically after this. 

Satellite Spies


As far as I'm concerned one of New Zealand's greatest bands even though they broke up too soon. Saw them in concert when they opened for Dire Straits in 1986. Awesome!





Sharon O'Neill






Shona Laing

                                                  Split Enz


As far as I'm concerned, New Zealand's greatest band. Way superior to Crowded House. 






Tim Finn


One of our finest singer/song writers. Founder of Split Enz.



When the Cats away


Women from various different bands, that had average success, joined together to make a name for themselves. Actually even then it was just more average success really. 



Others worth mentioning


Annie Crummer

Coup D'Etat 

The Crocodiles

Dave & the Dynamos

Jenny Morris

The Knobz

Monte Video & the Cassettes

The Netherworld Dancing Toys

Patea Maori Club

Prince Tui Teka

Ricky Morris


Screaming Meemees



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