My top 10 80s albums


I'm calling this my top 10 80s albums of all times, but it's more than that. It's also my top 10 albums of all time!


These albums tend to make my list more for sentimental reasons. If I were to vote for which were truly the greatest albums of 80s, some would not make this list. But this is more about how they make me feel when I listen to them. 




1) Little Creatures - Talking Heads


One of the first albums I bought once I left home. I didn't like Talking Heads until I heard "The Lady don't mind". From then on I came to love all their music and now have to say this is my favourite 80s band.




2) Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits


I can remember living at a boarding house when I bought this album and playing it over and over again. It was a real treat to see their concert in 86 and hear these songs played live. 




3) Into the Gap - Thompson Twins


One of my good friends had this album. I didn't really know who they were, but once he played it to me, I became hooked. 




4) Business as Usual - Men at Work


My best friend and I were Men at Work mad back in the day. We were always hanging out for more of their music. This was the very first album I ever purchased. 




5) Heartbeat City - The Cars


So many great songs came from this album as with previous ones above. 


Reminds me of my first job working in a bank.





6) Primitive Love - Miami Sound Machine


Brings back good memories of finally being out on my own and doing what I wanted to do. 




7) True Colours - Split Enz


I can remember spending one of my Christmas holiday's playing this album over and over at a friend's place. I never owned it until a few years later on vinyl. 

8) Cargo - Men at Work


My best friend and I were so excited when this one came out and with it the release of "It's a Mistake" which we loved straight away.  


"It's a mistake" remains my 2nd favourite song of all times. 


Ironically I didn't like most of the songs on this album after I purchased it. But it wasn't long before they all grew on me. 




9) See ya around - Split Enz


Sadly, Split Enz's final album, with some great songs, most of which never quite made it in the charts, but also some of my all time favourites. 



10) Thriller - Michael Jackson


Of course this one was going to make the list. Who didn't love MJ back in the early 80s?


Many of the songs have been over played by radio, but just about every song on the album was great.  

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